Monday, June 25, 2007


Last Thursday Mike fell out of the Hoyer. I was not home when it happened and only Nathan was in the room with Mike. He appeared to be OK that day. Friday he was also "OK". On Saturday though, he started making groaning sounds, but only when he was being transferred, moved around, or when he had to cough. I started thinking that maybe he bruised a bone or hurt a muscle in the fall. In all other aspects (eating, drinking, sleeping etc) he appears to be ok.

One of THE WORST things about this disease is Mike's inability to communicate. Am I assuming he's hurt from the fall, when maybe something else is going on? Is the "groaning" indicative of something more than a bruised muscle or bone? I will be watching and waiting. The down sides of taking him to the hospital to be checked out are so numerous (trust me, we've been that route NUMEROUS times), that I am trying to avoid it. I pray that these sounds of discomfort will slowly disappear and that my worries will be for naught. It's both frustrating and sad that Mike cannot tell us what's wrong. The pressure on me to be able to determine when something is "not right" is so strong, that at times it's overwhelming. What if I'm wrong?

Alzheimer's Disease is indeed a cruel and unforgiving disease.

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