Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I'm not sure if it's the rain today, the lack of sleep, caring for Mike as he battles this bad cold or Brandon's upcoming graduation, but I am feeling terribly sad these days. I guess I realized how very difficult it is to care for a spouse with AD. When someone is caring for a parent, grandparent etc., they usually have their own spouse to help them through the difficult days. They have someone to lean one, to count on, to cry with, to get a hug from. When your spouse with AD is the person you would normally get all this support from, it's a very lonely world. When things happen with Mike, everyone turns to me to ask "Will he be OK"? When the kids are scared, they turn to me for encouraging words.....who do I turn to?

It is very different caring for a spouse. I'm sure (I hope) this sadness with fade, but for now it's here and I needed to vent.


Connie said...

Hey Ka: Because I am computer not savy, I only realized today that I can comment to you. Glad to hear about Charlie and am praying for Mike and for you. For continued strength, guidance (from above) and peace of heart. You are always on my mind and for what its worth are always an inspiration to me.

Susan Nerheim said...

Hi Karen, Just thinking of you and so glad I can be updated with your lives by keeping up with your blog. You are so strong, more than anyone I know. Your words and devotion are an inspiration. Mike is so lucky to have you!

Karen H said...

Thank you both for such kind words. It's been a hectic week, since Brandon graduated from 8th grade on Sat. and there were numerous events before that day. I'm glad this Blog turned into what I wanted it to be.... a place where my friends can check up on things when I can't update everyone regularly. Thank you!!!!!

Carl in NC said...

I understand and I agree with you 100%. I know it is difficult, but we both need to continue to place our reliance on God and draw strength from Him in these times. Also, we can be comforted by friends and family, and I see that you have some good ones that encourage you. I hope and pray that we can both get through these difficult times and continue to trust in Him.
Take care and God Bless,