Monday, June 18, 2007

Crazy Weeks

The last two weeks have been difficult to say the least. Mike has been battling this cold, which seems to slowly be coming to an end. The whole time though, was very stressful. The "glop" in his throat was what got me concerned. Not being able to spit it out, always concerned me. Thankfully, he has been sneezing alot and that's creating the same outcome (no pun intended). The last 4 nights though have been terrible. Mike has been waking up having horrible coughing fits that sometimes make him seem like he cannot breath. They often last up to an hour. It's EXTREMELY unnerving and scary, especially when I am all alone at night trying to calm HIM down. Without jinxing the situation, they seem to not be lasting as long, but every night I go to bed afraid and pray they will not happen again. I'm not sure if Mike understands what's happening or whether he can control them.

Brandon graduated Sat. from 8th grade which was, of course, bittersweet. He was Solutitorian and had to give a speech, which he wouldn't let anyone of us read or review. I was nervous for him, but once again, he came through with flying colors and made me very proud. I couldn't believe he wrote and presented such a beautiful speech. Of course, all I kept thinking that day was how proud Mike would be of him and how much I missed having him there with us. When Brandon started that school at age 3, our lives were so different and we held so much promise. How things have changed.

I always pray that I have not taken too much time away from Courtney and Brandon by keeping Mike at home. While they have consistantly told me that they would NOT want him anyplace else, only time will tell if I made the right decision. I pray that they have learned unconditional love, compassion and patience - all of which Mike had in abundance. This is apparant by the love and support we have gotten over the years from Mike's co-workers and friends that knew him well. I am always thankful when the kids get to hear stories of Mike from others, of how much he did for people and what a wonderful person he is. Their kind words are a testament to Mike and all that he is.

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