Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day

I wrote this entry last week, but because of Brandon's "broken u" on his computer and me being busy at work, I couldn't edit it until today.

I woke up today and we had no aide because of the heavy snow. I prepared Mike's breakfast and medicine, then got him washed up and dressed. Brandon and I got him into the Geri Chair and then I gave Mike breakfast. This took from 9:30-11:30 a.m. When I was finished with that I made the beds while Brandon shaved Mike. I got Mike into bed at 12-12:15 then I went outside to shovel a little and clean off my car. I came in, ate lunch then I walked Gizmo. I sat for 10 minutes and then I started to get Mike up out of bed about 3:00 p.m. Brandon and I got Mike back into the Geri Chair and I gave him dinner while Brandon went to his friend's house. I finished helping Mike with dinner about 5pm and I was too tired to cook. Brandon came home from his friends house and stayed with Mike while I went to get dinner. We got Mike into bed at 7pm. I cleaned him up and tucked him in. I cleaned up the kitchen and then wrote this entry. I will then walk the dog and when I get back in, I will put on my PJ's and sit down and watch SURVIVOR.

My snow days ain't what they used to be :(


karen said...

You are living my life. Thank Goodness for Survivor.

Shelling said...

You really are an inspiration. I Just recently found your blog while doing some research for mine. I see family members like you every day (because of my profession), and I am always impressed with the love. Your blog really shows your love.