Monday, February 22, 2010

Another Sleepless Night

The good news is that the agency found someone to work yesterday. It was good to finally get some things done, however small they may have been. I was up all night though because Mike had the "gurgle" that wouldn't go away - again. He was fine all day yesterday, smiling, laughing and eating well. Then, as nighttime came, he started with this gurgling sound. Most times we can pound his chest or put his neck massager on which helps stimulate him to cough. Neither one of those things worked last night, so I was up most the night listening to this sound. The hospice nurse had told me once that it shouldn't bother Mike, that it's more unnerving for us to listen to, but it bothers me SO MUCH. I spent half the night turning him back and forth, hoping it moved things around enough to get him to cough. No luck. At 6:00 a.m. I finally gave him the nebulizer, but that didn't help either. As Elaine (his aide) and I got him up into the Geri Chair, he FINALLY started coughing. Hopefulyl he will cough it all out and it will not come back so that maybe tonight I can get some sleep.

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karen said...

OH! how I hate that nose. Mom makes that sometimes. Or the wheezing. It is always gone when the nurse is here and she says everything sounds good. Well it did not last night. Good luck and I hope you get a good nights sleep.