Monday, May 4, 2009

Swine or not Swine????

I took the kids to the doctor today and I went my self also. Brandon's throat has been killing him anc Courtney has been coughing ALOT. Thankfully, neither one have strep. When I told the pediatrician about our trip to the ER and how disappointed I was that they didn't test for Swine Flu, she said the same thing that the ER doctor said......The test takes too many man hours and it would cost too much to test everyone. I went to my doctor for my cough and he diagnosed me with an upper resp. infection. He said because I had no fever and body aches, it would be safe to say it was NOT the flu - which I assume anyway (He DID tell me not to go to work the next 2 days because I have been exposed to someone who has the flu. He said the only way to contain it would be to stay away from other people). When I told him about Brandon, he said the same thing as the other 2 doctors - BUT he said that anyone diagnosed with the flu right now, "most probably" has swine flu. This is not the usual flu season and it would be ironic to get the "seasonal" flu at a time when the swine flu is going around. It amazes me that with all the craziness and upset about the swine flu, the medical profession doesn't want more exact information. It all comes down to money.

Courtney came home yesterday terribly tired and sick. She slept almost the entire day yesterday. She had a BLAST in Disney, but her body is paying for it.

We just keep praying that we can keep these germs away from Mike.

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