Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hard Work

It's REALLY hard work trying to keep an infected house "clean". I have 5 cans of Lysol spray stratigically placed throughout the house, the people who are sick wear masks and I also found hand sanitizer (which has been sold-out in ALOT of stores) which I keep throughout the house. I have asked Brandon to stay in his room for most of the day and when he DOES come downstairs, it's at night, when Mike's in bed AND he must wear his mask. Everyone MUST wash their hands after doing or touching anything. Only time will tell if this has worked and I pray that it does.

Other than this very difficult job, everything else is status quo, which considereing the alternatives, I'm QUITE happy with. I am still not feeling very well myself and I'm glad that my doctor "ordered" me to stay home for another 2 days. That way, I will hope to get my rest during the day - which I DESPERATELY need.

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