Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Nathan is Back!!!!!

Nathan came back yesterday and Mike seemed pleased. Since Mike cannot talk, we often say that his facial expression speak louder than words. He gave Nathan a BIG smile yeserday. By the end of the day, he ate well (all 3 meals as he does with Nathan), drank well and Nathan even gave him a haircut. By the time I got home, Mike was quite relaxed. He slept very well.

It always amazes me just how much of a difference it makes when Nathan is not around. He and Mike have such a special bond - it's so good to see.

Meanwhile, our substitute aide Sandra called this morning to say Hi. While she may not be Nathan, she was ABSOLUTLEY wonderful with Mike and we're hoping that she can work for us again when Nathan goes away the last week in Dec.

On a different note, Mike's toe is healing well. I will have the Dr. look at it tomorrow, but both the podiatrist and Fran (our nurse) came by yesterday and said they were pleased with the way it looked.

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Carl in NC said...

Hello Karen,
I have just caught up on the last few weeks. I am glad that the second aide was so good and that Nathan is back! I thank you for your blog, it is helpful to me to know what's potentially in store for us as Shannon progresses. However, it is also a little scary as you mentioned in a prior post. I can understand the feelings you are facing, and I am encouraged to see how your children have coped and supported you. What a blessing they are! So far, my children are coping rather well, and I hope that they can continue to do well.

Thanks again for sharing so much, you are making a difference for many people. I will continue to pray for you and your family!

Take care and God bless,

Carl in NC