Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Mike remains in the hospital and unfortunately I believe he will be discharged without us ever knowing what caused him to throw up blood.
The GI doctors don't want to scope him because of his weakened state. While I understand their concern, it doesn't help me fine out the cause of the bleeding. His doctor told me today that he may come home tomorrow, but he JUST started eating tonight. I want to make sure he can tolerate the food he takes in before he comes home. I don't want to bring him home thinking that all is OK, only to have him throwing up again. I also noticed today that Mike's stool is thick and black. While I know this is not the normal thing to share on my blog, I apologize, but I share everything in the name of awareness. In looking up reasons why this may happen, GI bleeding was mentioned again. I noticed it yesterday also but thought it was a fluke. He passed the same stool today, so I will definitely be questioning that tomorrow.
On the positive side, he looks well and seems MUCH MORE relaxed than he did when he went in on Sunday. My goal has ALWAYS been to keep Mike comfortable and I believe that we succeeded with this hospitalization. I look forward to having Mike back at home again where he belongs. Thank you again for all your good wishes and prayers.

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