Sunday, September 18, 2011

Late Night Call

Mike is still holding his own. One of his sores on his shoulder FINALLY seems to have healed, although the one on his bottom looks like it got worse. There are even moments when it sounds as though Mike is moaning. I hate that. He's been OK with Tylenol for now.
We had a surprise visit from Tom and Noelle. Tom comes by all the time, but it was such a treat to see Noelle also. They were out enjoying a day just the two of them and they stopped by on their travels just to say "HI". That's exactly what friendship is about.
Brandon called about an hour ago to tell me he was heading to the Health Center at school. Seems as though his friend was quite animated in telling a story and Brandon's face happened to be in the way. Brandon was at first concerned about his nose, then realized that his front left tooth was pushed back at a 45 degree angle. YIKES!!! The nurse at the school couldn't do anything, so they sent him to the ER where they have emergency dental staff on call. Hopefully they will just put it back in place and it will heal.
Never a dull moment, but thankful it wasn't worse!

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Kathy Knowles said...

Love those friends who stick by you NO MATTER WHAT! We are so blessed to have so many, and I do not take that for granted. I read about lots of AD folks whose friends abandon them, but we truly have not felt that way. I'm glad you were blessed by Tom and Noelle.

Hope Brandon is okay. Late night phone calls can make or break your night when they are from your college kids. Sometimes they just forget that it's so late, and sometimes it means they are in the ER. Glad it wasn't worse. Praying for you all. kathy