Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Thank you Kathy for asking, it's been so tiring I forgot to write on the blog (I posted on FaceBook).
Mike came home last Friday. The entire weekend was crazy with doctors, nurses, social workers and priests coming over - all routine for admitting a patient to Hospice. I forgot they had to treat this as a new admit and we had to do everything all over again. Then the Walk was Saturday, which made it even more crazy.
Since Mike has been home he's been up quite a few nights with a cough. It's a productive cough, and he tries so hard to get stuff out, but he can never quite get it up. I mentioned it to his nurse and she told me to just continue using the nebulizer and oxygen. She did confirm a slight congestion in his upper airways, but didn't prescribe anything right now. The two of us have had quite a few nights with little sleep, which lead Mike to have an "S" yesterday morning. He's been getting those a little more frequently than in the past - which I HATE!!! I would say it's been happening at least twice a month for about 6 months now. They aren't big, but "S's" nonetheless. Infection and lack of sleep can usually bring those on, we'll wait and see. If nothing changes, the doctor may have to increase the dose of the medicine Mike takes for them.
Brandon is back at school, and from what I hear from him, he's loving it! Courtney started classes also and is thrilled she will begin working with the cameras and filming actual short movies this year. Finally....she gets to do the hands on filming she's wanted for years. She also started her screenwriting class, so if anyone has any good ideas, send them our way :)!
Thank you again to everyone for your prayers. They keep us strong.

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