Thursday, September 8, 2011

Red Tape

Ideally, I would like Mike to stay in the hospital for 24 hours after he eats to make sure there is no more throwing up or bloody stools. He started eating his meals today, which would mean I would want to bring him home tomorrow......BUT Hospice just informed me that they have a new policy. The hospice doctor has to examine Mike within 48 hours for him to be placed back on hospice, and if Mike doesn't come home tomorrow MORNING, the doctor will not be available again until Monday. If the doctor doesn't examine him and approve the admission back onto hospice, Mike will NOT have his aide on Sunday!
So I have two choices: have Mike discharged tomorrow sometime (morning cannot be guaranteed). If he doesn't come home before 1:00, then we won't have help on Sunday....OR, have him stay in the hospital over the weekend and have him discharged on Monday.
Why can't ANYTHING be easy??? I want him home, and could have him home tomorrow, but the discharge process at the hospital is usually a nightmare. In the past, have gone up there at 9 a.m. and only gotten home with Mike at 4-5:00.
This disease CONSTANTLY leaves me at the mercy of others. I have no control and I HATE IT!!!

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Carl in NC said...

Hi Karen,
I am praying for you guys! You are truly devoted and a great example to many on how to care for and love their spouse. I know that this is a difficult thing to be going through, but you are doing a great job, and I am sure that Mike feels the love that you show for him :-).

I hope that he continues to be able to eat without complications. I also hope that you can get some rest so you can recharge :-).

Take care and God bless,