Monday, July 4, 2011

Thank You Linda

Two weeks ago I went to visit my friend Betsy. She was a guiding force behind a lot of the help were received over the years. I was contemplating going to see her again this weekend, but I thought about all I had already done (and how tired I was from it) and all I still had left to do. I thought that maybe I could just rest today.
Then last night I caught up on my friend Linda's blog. She had an entry about a friend of hers and how she came across his phone message from a year ago. Life happens and she got busy and realized she never called him back. Shortly thereafter, she found out he passed away. She never got to return that call.
After readng that I decided I was going to see Betsy today no matter what. I saw it as a "sign". Another friend had also visited her on Saturday and she said Betsy was not doing well. I made the 45 minutes drive this morning with Courtney. When I got to her room, her husband was there, with his stuff all around from being camped out overnight. When I hugged Betsy and gave her a kiss, I realized her hands were freezing. Courtney and I rubbed them with lotion but no matter what we did, her hands were just so cold. I asked her husband to check her feet, and when he realized they were also so cold, he put socks on them and extra blankets. We sat with her for about an hour, I held her hand the entire time, letting her know I was there. She made a few sounds when she saw us and when we left, her other friend said it was her way of letting us know that she knew we were there. Her husband walked us out and we went home and went about our day.
I got a call from Betsy's husband a few hours ago, telling me that she had passed away shortly after we left her.
Please DO NOT always count on tomorrow - it may never come, and an opportunity you thought you would have, may never come to be. Thank you Linda for sharing your story and helping me make my decision to go out and see my friend.
Rest in Peace Betsy. Your spirit, friendship and generosity will always be remembered.

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Carl in NC said...

Wow, I am always amazed at how God can prompt us to do things at the right time if we just take the time to listen and look at the world through his eyes. Praise God that you were able to see Betsy and share that precious time with her before she passed away!

Keep your head up and keep listening! You and your family are truly amazing!

Take care and God bless,