Thursday, July 7, 2011

Courtney In London

Courtney landed safely today in London for a 5 week study abroad program studying the films of Alfred Hithcock. We have been extremely blessed to have been able to borrow this money in order to make this happen. It's a one in a lifetime chance, that I would have hated for her to miss.
She was extremely nervous about flying on her own AND being away from Mike for 5 weeks. That fear of being away became even more intense after our friend Betsy passed away. Her son was away at Boy Scout camp when she passed and Courtney's mind went into overdrive. Once again I explained to her that Mike would have NEVER wanted her to pass up an opportunity like this, and that we need to go on living our lives. Mike has been sick for ten years. Imagine if we didn't do anything during that time because we "were afraid" something would happen. We have no control, we just have to have faith.
She got in today when her other three roomates got in last night (they are randomly picked to room together by the school). Apparently, the roomates partied so hard and were so loud, the apartment management locked the terrace so they cannot use it anymore. Courtney said it's gorgeous, but she will never get to go out on it because her three roomates took advantage on their first night in London. She's also in a room with girls who brag about doing ecstacy and acid. I suggested that Courtney see if she can switch rooms. I do NOT want her to be around that stuff and I want her to have a good time. While she's watching every penny (or should I say pound) she spends, her trouble maker roomate is bragging about maxing out her dad's credit card. Talk about being at opposite ends of the spectrum!

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Kathy Knowles said...

How wonderful for Courtney to have this study abroad! Our daughter did a similar study to Uruguay after her sophomore year, and it was a fabulous experience for her. Fortunately, it was highly chaperoned and she attended a private Christian university, so no drugs, but they learned very quickly that drinking in South America is legal at any age, and gambling is legal at 18. I believe they took full advantage.

I read your post about visiting Betsy, and you are so right about NOT waiting to visit when you have the opportunity. The mother of a very dear friend became ill with cancer several years ago, and I kept up by phone. She told me not to wait too long to visit, but I drug my feet. She passed within weeks, and I never went to visit. I should have been there for my friend as she cared for her mother. We were close to her mother as well, and my daughter had cared for her when her daughter was out of town. Thank you for the reminder.

Shelley and I are having a birthday party for Billy tomorrow evening as he turns 55 next week. I want him to enjoy this birthday because it may be the last one he is aware of. The decline is just so rapid lately.

Thank you for writing. I always look forward to your posts.