Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Traveller

Courtney has been in London for 5 days now and she's having a blast. She's gotten to see: Big Ben, Trifalgor Square, Picadilly Circus, Buckingham Palace, Kings Cross (and Platform 9 3/4 - yay Harry Potter fans!), and the London Eye. She hasn't gone on it yet, as each time she went it was sold out. She plans on going on Thursday before she attends the midnight premier of the very last Harry Potter movie ever - and she is THRILLED beyond belief that she will be seeing it in London!

Her actual classes start today, so now the actual fun (not) begins. I'm sure she'll do fine and still have time off to explore.

Betsy's wake was Friday and it was quite emotional. There as a line out the door and standing room only. The Deacon who said the prayer was a personal friend and he did an amazing job. He asked people to yell out words or stories that best reflected Betsy and they were all perfect. I couldn't come up with anything different, until I was driving home. I didn't get to share it there, but I thought I would share it here.

When Mike got sick, Betsy took charge. She arranged so much for us: having our living room painted, having dinners delivered and prayers said. She would mail cards every now and then just to let me know that she was thinking of me and cared how I was. Then she got sick, yet she STILL would bring me dinners. One night, Tom (her husband) rang our doorbell. She was not able to walk and she made him bring us dinner. When I asked him quite shockingly, what he was doing, he said, "You know Betsy. She's not happy unless she's helping someone".

That's the type of person she was and that's what I didn't get to share that night. We should all have a friend like Betsy.

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Carl in NC said...

What a great opportunity and trip for Courtney! I'm sure she'll come home with lots of stories :-).

Betsy seemed like she was a very wonderful person! I'm sure she'll be missed by many.

Take care and God bless,