Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What's New With Us

So, since the last post....
Courtney went to the dentist the next day and was told she had a wicked cavity - something unknown to both my kids. The dentist assured her it was because it was her last tooth in the back and she couldn't brush it well.. He cleaned out the decay and put medication in it with a temporary filling on top. He explained that this should last her the 5 weeks she will be away in England. When she returns, he will fill it. (I'm not sure if I had mentioned that Courtney will be studying abroad in the U.K for 5 weeks, courtesy of a loan from Mike's Uncle. He offered years ago in case she ever had the opportunity, so when it came up, we took him up on the offer. She will be studying the films of Alfred Hitchcock. She is a nervous flyer and is anxious about being away from all of us, especially Mike for such a long period of time. I truly hope she takes advantage of this wonderful experience and doesn't worry too much). Courtney leaves next Wed. 7/6 and there's so much to still get done.
Two of Mike's sores seem to be healing and Courtney and Elaine are very proud - as they should be. They have been so diligent in caring for them. They can't wait to show Mike's hospice nurse, but she seems to have disappeared. She went on vacation for one week, then we were told (in secret) that she was hospitalized, but it's now been 4 weeks and still no word. We have a substitute nurse coming who Courtney seems to really like.
I was able to get Courtney and Brandon a used car (1991 Ford Probe) from a woman I met through Facebook after our story appeared in Newsday. My heart breaks for her because she just lost her 23 year old son to Pulmonary Hypertension and her mom passed shortly before him. Her surviving son inherited his grandmother's car, so we purchased his car for a VERY reasonable amount. I'm glad the kids have their own transportation, although I am nervous about the fact that this car doesn't have air bags. It's weird getting used to them going here and there "just like that" because they can, although I am, admittedly so, still nervous about them driving on the parkway. Almost every day there's another story about another fatality.
Mike's aide, Elaine is still with us. I'm not sure what her rumbling that day was about, and it makes me nervous about what could happen in the future.
Mike's Sunday aide, a lovely woman named Blanca, will be going away for a month to visit her family in El Salvador. We will miss her terribly! I am happy for her because he hasn't been "home" in two years, but she helps us so much and her absence will be missed. It doesn't help that she will be away for almost the same time as Courtney. You'd better believe that we'll be celebrating when they both get back!!


Lisa Hirsch said...

Hi Karen,
Thank you so much for reaching out to me and looking at my blog. I just looked at your blog and my heart got a big heavy pang. You are one strong lady and although our situations are quite different we seem to have several sinilarities. I starting a journal, then a rough draft of a memoir(about my relationship w my mom which had shifted so much since she became ill. It was also my way of "coping".By writing my feelings I was able to ease the pain I felt for her and delight in what we now have.This is now my blog. I am also interested in spreading awareness. I see you live in Long Island(I grew up their)and now live in Manhattan. I would love to stay in touch w you and I would like to give you a big hug. Your family and friends are very lucky to have you.

Karen said...

Lisa -
Thank you for writing. I would also love to stay in touch. My connections with other spouses and/or family memmbers of those with AD has really helped me through some rough days. It's unlike any other disease and only those living through it can understand. I love your picture and I'm sorry to hear about your mom. I'm so glad more and more people are being open enough to talk about this disease. It wasn't that long ago when people were ashamed of it. I NEVER felt that way, and have talked openly from day one. I'm glad I did because I feel I have reached many people. Thank you for sharing your story and good luck wiht your writing. One day I also hope to write a book. Be well and stay strong-