Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bed Sores...

Mike is still fighting those bedsores. The one on his bottom isn't so bad, but the one on his shoulder along with one on his hip seem to have gotten worse. The hospice nurse visited yesterday (actually it was a substitute nurse because our regular nurse is out sick), but I had to call her back today because the sores looked like they got deeper overnight. As much as I HATE looking at them, I felt like I needed to see what Mike's aide was concerned about. The shoulder has a hole in it that looks like it goes deep - the same with the one on his hip.
The nurse came today and called the hospice doctor because she felt they warranted a visit from wound care. Our hospice doctor said it wasn't necessary and at this point in time, there's nothing more they can do. What does this mean? Does this mean they've given up on Mike?
I know that Mike's nutrition has slowed down dramatically and he has lost alot of weight, but the fact that they don't feel they should even TRY to have the sores cleaned out better than we can do, is unsettling. What's the harm in trying? Maybe if they were cleaned out, Mike may even feel more comfortable - and isn't that the goal of hospice? Even if they cannot cure someone, aren't they supposed to make them comfortable? This is the second hospice agency we've hired and we just cannot seem to find one that supports our needs.
Meanwhile, Courtney gets upset because she throws around "I told you so". She has feared hospice from day one because of this very reason.
A friend of ours was recently placed on hospice, and I will be visiting her tomorrow. She had been an angel to us on MANY occasions and she was diagnosed a few years ago with PLS (A "cousin" to ALS that was supposed to progress slower). Well, she now has full blown ALS and her time is limited. I hope and pray that the hospice her family has hired is caring for her for way they should.
So much sadness lately.

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