Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rough Days

We've had some rough days the past week.
It's been two years since his last one, but on Wednesday of last week, Mike had a "S". His current home health aide had never experienced one before, and wasn't sure what was happening. Brandon happened to have been home sick that day so he knew what it was when she frantically called him down from his room. Brandon had been upstairs in his room with his door shut and the TV on when he heard Mike. He gave him some Ativan and Mike seeed to be OK for the rest of the night. This morning he showed some "warning signs", but nothing happened. As anyone who reads this blog knows, that it THE ONE THING I hate the most and it scares me to death. I'm hoping it was caused by the cough medicine the doctor prescribed for Mike that had codeine in it. I'm thinking the codeine had a counter affect on Mike's anti-"S" medicine. I don't even want to think about this. I thought we were all done with that phase.

Courtney had work tonight and Brandon was going to the movies with his friends (he was driving). I recently joined a book club on Facebook and thought I may have a quiet night to read my book. As I was finishing getting Mike into bed, Brandon called and I knew it was trouble when he sounded panicked. He was hit from behind by someone. Thank God Brandon and his friends were OK, but the back bumper of the car was ripped off, along with our left tail light. It seems that Brandon was changing lanes (from right to left) and as he was going over, the car in the left lane sped up to not let him in and he hit Brandon. Ironically, I had thought once you hit someone, you were at fault, but the PO told Brandon HE was at fault because he was switching lanes. I will have to check that out with our insurance company. Brandon was shaken up, but otherwise OK. Our 2001 Chevy Venture has really taken a beating. It's still driveable, allbeit, without a back bumper and side panel.
In that quick second, I realized just how quickly things can change. The kids driving and getting hurt is ONE of my biggest fears.

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