Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

Some time around my last post, I became sick----just WHAT I need WHEN I needed it. I was sick for the entire week before Christmas, including my actual birthday. During this time, I slept on the couch so that I wouldn't infect Mike since I was not sure what I had was the same as what he had. One night in particular I was EXHAUSTED. I couldn't even get up during the night to turn him like I normally do...and wouldn't you know it, in that one night, he developed a bed sore, worse than any I have ever seen. Of course all I heard from everyone was "Don't blame yourself", "you were sick yourself", "you do the best you can", but all I know is that THE ONE NIGHT I didn't turn Mike, he developed a bad sore.
We have been battling that sore still. It's the worst I have ever seen, but his hospice nurse didn't seem phased by it. She also told me that it will look worse before it gets better, which I'm glad she told me because it is. Mike has still been coughing and sneezing out mucus and it amazes me how much can come out. I am thankful he still has the strength and knowledge to do that.
Mike seems so much thinner to me and that bothers me alot. I'm sure it didn't happen over-night, but I have only recently been aware of the bones in his shoulders, back, ribs etc.
On a happy note, my sister and her family came in for New Years to celebrate Christmas with us. As usual, their visit distracted me from my everyday struggles and I laughed so hard my head hurt. We even got my entire family to go to the movies on New Years' Day (Little Fockers) within 10 minutes - even my mom, Walter and brother went with us. We had a unique and interesting experience, but laughed all the same.
Brandon received two more acceptance letters: UCONN and Seton Hall and not just to the universities, but into their physical therapy programs. I am SO PROUD of him and excited that he will have choices to make. I wanted him to get into a few of his favorite schools so he had choices to make and wasn't "stuck" going somewhere he didn't want to be. The next few months will be even more hectic.
I wish you all a peaceful and healthy New Year.

In the photo, my niece Kristin and Mike on New Year's Day.

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Carl in NC said...

Congratulations to Brandon on the acceptances! Well done and well deserved. I pray that Mike gets over the bed sores quickly and that the congestion goes away. We are dealing with some of the same issues here.

Stay warm and get your much needed rest when you can :-).

Take care and god bless,