Friday, January 14, 2011


I came across this picture not too long ago and it IMMEDIATELY brought me back to that magical time. The kids used to fight about who would play with "daddy" first. We had a storage crate that they loved sitting in and Mike would "fly" them around the living room. Brandon was still a baby, so flying him around was easy. Courtney was a older and taller so she had to squish herself into that crate, but Mike still mustered up the muscles to fly her around. He could never say no to her.
The saddest thing for me is to realize that Mike never had the chance to watch them grow up and become the young adults they are.
Without a doubt almost everytime I see a young dad with his children, my stomach turns to knots and I tear up.
(Brandon was 10 months in this picture and Courtney was 2 1/2 years - March, 1994)

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Anonymous said...

It is great seeing a picture of Mike in his younger healthier days, I had to stop for a minute and wonder who he was then I read your post. I then noticed his eyes and recognized it was Mike. I am sure you for, "Oh the memories!"