Monday, August 30, 2010

Our Miracle

For all our blog followers who helped us through last
year's fiasco with Courtney and college, I am
THRILLED to share the news that Courtney
will be attending Fordham this year.
By some miracle, all the cards fell into place and
we moved her in yesterday. It has been a bumpy road since May, that came to an end last Friday when she made her final decision. I give Courtney ALOT of credit for investigating the transfer. Even though it was her DREAM school, she did not want to transfer if it meant: that her credits would not be transferable, that she would have to give up her newly obtained job at The Disney Store, and that she got housing. It took alot of work on her part, but as I've explained, "anything worth having is worth the hard work".
She was placed in an apartment off campus which she was not entirely thrilled about, but as she spends time there, I think she will like it. It has central air, full kitchen, LR & Dr and shares it with 4 other girls. It's located on Arthur Avenue in Little Italy, so I have a feeling she will be dealing with the "Sophomore 15". Fordham had a beautiful candlelight ceremony last night welcoming new students - she's "home" and I coulnd't be more happy for her.
I wear my FORDHAM MOM shirt proudly!


Carl in NC said...

Praise God! That's great. I'm so happy that this was able to come together as I remember you talking about he dream to go there.

Take care and God bless,


Karen said...

Carl - I can't even begin to tell you how different she is at this school. They had a welcome back candle lighting ceremony and she is looking forward to serving again as a eucharistic mininster (which she was not able to do at her other school). Now I pray that she will be able to remain there all 4 years. Thanks for sharing our joy.

Patty said...

So thrilled for you both. There is nothing like living in the city!!! Tell her to try Mexican Radio-right in her area! It is so nice when they get what they really want....

trish said...


So happy for you and Courtney!


karen said...

So glad she got to go. My son is going to his dream college and he loves it. We lucked out and it is near our home. This has been the best yr so far as he got enough grants and schoolarships to pay for all his classes. This is the first time he did not have to pay in some of his money. Needless to say we are all happy. Good luck to all the students I pray they have a great yr.