Thursday, September 16, 2010

Feeling Down

I hope to have some pictures up this weekend from the Memory Walk and the kids ATV excursion. I haven't been feeling well lately, both physically and mentally. Too much is hitting at once, and again, I am in the overwhelmed stage. Each and every time I hit a valley like this, it takes every bit of strength I have to fight my way out. I am blessed that Mike has been in a "holding pattern" and that the kids are doing better. They each had sinus infections, which I think I may have - or it could be my allergies - I'm not sure. Just feel like s*&t. I honestly don't know how much one person can handle. I have never said "it can't get worse" because I know very well that things definitely can. Every morning I wake up and pray that the day will be better and bring some GOOD news. I'm still holding onto Courtney/Fordham to help me get through this - it's been the one good thing that's happened in a while. I will NEVER GIVE UP and will continue to HOPE.

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Carl in NC said...

Praying for strength :-)!