Friday, July 2, 2010


Since Mike has not been able to negotiate the stairs, we have not been able to use our bedroom. Our bedroom, is the room my brother moved in to. Mike and sleep in the front room of our house that was once a porch, which had been converted to an extension of the house before we moved in. It's big enough only for our bed....I have no bedroom per se. I sleep between Mike and the wall and I have to slither in and out . I cannot get out on my side of the bed. My clothes hang in a canvas "wardrobe" that is strategically placed in our DR. My shoes gather at the bottom of our stairs. I don't have a nighstand, dresser or closet. My "stuff" is scattered throughout the house and it drives me CRAZY. I'm jealous when Courtney, Brandon and my brother have a room to retreat to when they want to be alone. It's difficult for me, because the room Mike and I sleep in, is off the living room and has very little privacy. I have no place of my own to go to. This bothers me alot sometimes, but at other times......

.....I'm thankful that I can lay next to Mike in OUR bed in OUR home. There are others that don't have a home, or a bed next to a wall that they have to slither away from. They don't have the luxury of heat in the winter or a/c in the summer. Whenever I find myself feeling bad for all that I don't have, I do my best to remind myself of how blessed I am, and I am so thankful for all that I DO have. I know I've written about this before, but this lesson bears repeating.

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Anonymous said...

No truer words spoken! You have much to be thankful for! I am glad you can see the forest thru the trees!