Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Up & Down

I have been very concerned about Mike lately because of the HEAT. Even with a/c in the living room, you can still feel the heat and humidity. We have been focusing alot of keeping him hydrated. Yesterday he was OK, but last night, as we began to move him into bed, he started making moaning sounds. The mere sound of them get Courtney and Brandon upset. It brings them back to a place when Mike was REALLY sick (and was given Last Rites). Last night, when Courtney helped me with Mike, she burrowed her head in the pillow so she wouldn't hear him. I checked his temp. and he was OK, but I knew he was uncomfortable, so I gave him a Tylenol suppository. He kept burping, then coughing. I was concerned his burps would lead him to aspirate when he swallowed. At 11:00 last night he had a 101.2 temperature. I gave him Tylenol once again and at 6:30 this morning, his fever finally broke. When the hospice nurse came for her weekly visit, she said he had no fever and appeared OK. No one can give me an answer as to why he ocassionally gets these fevers. I assume it can be one of two things: the area of the brain that controls temperature is affected -OR - he does aspirate, but then coughs up whatever went down. As always, I worry about the day he will not be able to "cough up". He seems to be having more trouble swallowing also. He keeps things in his mouth longer and makes the "chewing" motion, as if he knows what he should do, but has a difficult time making it happen.
What's got me a little "uneasy" is a call I got from Mike's Aunt and Uncle in Mississipi. They called to tell me that they were going to Scandanavia for 2 weeks and wanted to give me a phone number where I can reach them "if we needed them for anything". They have been away alot, but they've never done that. I'm trying not to dwell on the uneasiness.
On a more positive note, I was able to FINALLY repay a portion of the generosity given to us. A dear friend was diagnosed with PLS (a "relative" of ALS) and she has started having difficulties getting around and speaking. She set up a system where people can volunteer to help them out - making dinner, gardening, cleaning - and Courtney and I made and brought dinner to her on Friday night. It was something so small, but I finally felt like I was giving back. Lord knows this woman and her family deserve SO MUCH... they have given to so many others and helped so many people throughout the years. I have alot of help to give before I will feel completely satisfied, but this was a start.

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