Friday, June 25, 2010

Dream Montage

I love dreams, always have. I even took a psychology of dreams class in college. I can only assume that I enjoy my dreams more now, because, let's face it, I don't get a chance to do much in "real life". I remember dreams very vividly, even those that I had years ago. I've always said that if I were an artist, I could make a fortune selling a book of their illustrations. I can usually always figure out what my dreams mean, even the most abstract. Last night, I needed no coaxing. My dreams seemed to come all in a row -all with the same subject matter.

#1 - Mike went out for a walk (in the neighborhood I grew up in) and he got lost. After not returning home for some time, I went out looking for him. As I turned the corner, I saw Mike, talking to a young person who seemed to be trying to help him find his way. I called Mike's name and he turned around - came running to me crying, and said, "I'm so glad to see you".
#2 - I had a good friend all throughout high school until Mike was diagnosed. She just "couldn't handle" it. In last night's dream I was at home with my "friend" along with a few of her other
friends (who I didn't know). They wanted to go out, but Mike was lying on the couch and he needed my help. Her other friends wanted to go somewhere, and were angry at me because I was not able to go. I was angry that they didn't understand WHY Mike needed my help - "how could they be so blind?" One in particular was VERY nasty, and my "friend" told her off. My "friend" wound up staying with me. At the end of the dream, I REALLY yelled at this woman. I told her that she was like so many other people who didn't understand JUST how hard this disease was. It felt so good for me to get it out AND have the support of my "friend".
#3 - I joined the Navy and they were having an induction ceremony. I needed to find the right uniform and the family had to register for events. My sister and her family with with me, but Mike and Brandon were delayed. They needed more time to get ready, so my BIL told us to go ahead and they would catch up. They never showed up and right before the ceremony, I got a call from Brandon. He sounded MUCH YOUNGER than he does now and he said, "dad's lost". I panicked because the complex where the ceremony was happening was very big, but I immediately started to go looking for him. Brandon was still on the phone and he said, "no mom, dad is gone". With that I woke up.

The theme is all the same, but I have never before had so many montages of Mike all in one night. Apparently it's clear what has been on my mind.

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