Sunday, May 23, 2010


On Saturday, Mike's brother Bob came to visit Mike. It has been approx. 6 years since he last saw Mike. I felt strongly about Mike "re-connecting" with his brother, so I reached out to him and asked Bob to come for a visit. Initially, Bob asked if he could come by on his own, without his children and wife so I was surpirsed when I found out he was bringing his oldest (11) and his youngest (5), but Courtney and Brandon were pleased to finally spend time with their cousins. The last time they saw the oldest, he was 3 years old.

The day went fairly well and I am positive that Mike knew Bob was with him. Bob had also brought along his friend who also knew Mike, which was quite a surprise for me. The entire visit was a little weird. Bob came and went like he had never been out of Mike's life, which was good I guess, but strange at the same time. He kept talking to Courtney about "the next time he comes" which would be nice, but we can only wait and see. We invited them to join us for our annual Lemonade Sale (for Alzheimer's) and Bob seemed receptive. I can only hope that he meant what he said and does not remain a stranger.

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karen said...

I know how you feel. Not sure if the family wants to be there or not. I have ask Mom's grandbabies and great grandbabies over many times. She has around 13 give or take a few . But only seen 2 or 3 and not that often.