Tuesday, May 11, 2010


In two days we will be leaving for our much anticipated road trip to Pennsylvania for my nephew's college graduation. I have not been at my sister's home in 6 years. WOW! Even though hospice did not come through with respite for Mike, I made other arrangements - even though I will need to pay out of pocket which will put a financial strain on me. I just could not/did not want to - miss this trip. My nephew has attended Penn State for 4 years and I have not been able to go once to visit him or check out his "home away from home". It took SO MUCH planning on everyone's part, but it looks as though everything is in order. Well, not literally....
I am still moving Courtney out of her drom, which needs to be completed by Wednesday. The rest of the college will be moving out next weekend, but since we won't be here, she has to be out before we leave.
I haven't even thought about what I am packing...the weather doesn't help either. Will it be 90 degrees or 40 degrees???
I need to prepare all of Mike's meals and medicine before I leave.
I need to get Gizmo's food etc together before we drop him off at the "pet hotel" on Thursday morning.
I need to make sure Mike's aide is all set and comfortable with everything before I leave.
Then there's the actual packing up of the car. Beside our bags, I have to make room for the 2 wheelchairs I will be bringing so my mom and her husband can get around the hills of Penn State.
Thankfully, my sister has taken over the role of "tour director" and has continually updated us on plans and created a clear-cut itinerary for us.

After all the above is said and done, all I will be left to do is pray. First and foremost, I will pray for Mike and his aide, then for me and my entire family being on the road for so long and finally for Gizmo in his unknown enviroment. I am looking forward to laughing so much this weekend that I will need my inhaler constantly (thank you asthma!).

Penn State here we come...................

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Carl in NC said...

I pray that you have a wonderful and blessed weekend with family!

Take care and God bless,