Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Recipe for a Good Day

There are many components that make a day good day for us and if any of these are missing, the day will get progressively worse.
First, we pray that Mike is healthy. If we wake up to a sick Mike, the rest of the day is spent on pins and needles.
Second, we need everyone else to be healthy. When someone is not functioning well, it throws our complete schedule out of whack.
Next, we need Mike's aide to be present. If for some reason she is sick or out on a personal day, this causes big problems. If it's during the week, I cannot go into work, if it's on the weekend, all my errands are delayed - if completed at all. As usual, we have found that the agency can never find a replacememt when she is out - beside the fact that Medicaid is still standing strong that no aide is allowed to feed Mike!
Next, we need for everyone to be rested enough so as not to get on each other's nerves. When even one person is cranky, look out!
Last, we need to make sure that our plans don't collide. If I need to be somewhere, or the kids need to be somewhere, and the times happen to conflict, disaster.

If all the above align, then our day is good. If one component is missing, our day is "alright". If two or more components are missing, that you can chalk that day up to a disaster.

Sunday was that day for us, but I'm glad to report that we are back on track. ..for now.

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