Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Mike!!!

Tuesday Jan. 5th was Mike's 45th Birthday. We always do the best we can to "celebrate" his big day, just as we would if he was well. His presents are always wrapped and we moved his hands so he can "open" them. We sing Happy Birthday and I "help" him blow out the candles. After all he IS STILL HERE. I always wondered why some people choose not to celebrate a loved one's birthday who happens to be sick. How do we know that Mike is not aware of life around him? I have always felt that he knows what's going on and I have instructed everyone to talk to him in that way. Is that what keeps him strong? I don't know, but we will continue to do what we do because it seems to be working. Although he continues to lose weight and his health remains very fragile, he is still with us, we love him and he continues to give us strength and inspire us each and every day. Happy Birthday Mike!!


Camilla said...

I saw your blog for the first time today; thank you for sharing your thoughts. You're doing a great job!

My mother is soon 62, living at a home for the last 3 years with alzheimer. I blog too, but it is all in Norwegian...

Wish you all the best!

ejaa said...

you are such a great wife and mom..
hope u will be strong to face all the things will come.

Liz said...

Happy Birthday Mike! Your cake looks delicious, I hope you enjoyed a bite or two!

trish said...


What a great picture of Mike! Happy birthday to him. You are so right in treating him like a real human being- that is the reason he is still fighting to hang on.

Happy New Year to your family!