Friday, July 10, 2009

I hurt

It's summertime, vacation time. Out of 13 people in my office, guess who is the only one NOT going away? They talk of cruises, Arizona, Vegas, Fiji, Aruba, France. It's hard to hear. I will NEVER begrudge anyone a vacation, and I'm happy for all of them. Jealousy does not come into play here. But I am honest when I say that listening to all the talk hurts. The kids and I have not been away for about 4 years now. And even if a fairy Godmother flew down and gave us a paid vacation, we still couldn't go because of Mike. His health is so unpredictable, I would never go anywhere far away. I hate feeling this way because I KNOW I am so blessed in other ways. I guess I have a difficult time realizing that I AM human after all and I do hurt. I get sad, and even sadder for the kids. They deserve time away and I just can't give it to them :(

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