Sunday, July 5, 2009

4TH of July - II

Fourth of July night we were all exhausted. After getting up so early in the morning, spending so much time at the beach & walking so much, we were all spent. Brandon was a terrific chef and outdid himself on the grill. Afterwards, we treated ourselves to ice cream. We all watched the live fireworks on TV and had a blast. We were singing the songs that the band was playing and we laughed that anyone walking by would swear that we were all drunk - but not an ounce of alcohol passed our lips. We laughed so much, it was so nice.

The next day we all got up late, had a nice breakfast and just relaxed. It was SO nice to have more family with us and it was a reminder of just how much I really miss them.

Overall we had a memorable weekend and did things we would never have been able to do had my sister not come in. I didn't get to do any of the things on my "chore" list, but the trade off was so worth it. There will always be another day for work-stuff.

The first picture Courtney took at Field 5 at Jones Beach. The Nikon Theatre is in the background. I LOVE this picture because it doesn't look like it's on Long Island. It's too pretty. The second picture is for Lauren. It's her and Courtney when they took a walk before breakfast.

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