Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Words that Hurt

This past Sunday...
Brandon had a friend over most of the day. He's been friends with Jonathan since they were young. He is VERY funny. I can't even begin to explain how funny, but he quite often cracks me up with his comments.

Brandon and Jonathan were heading up to his bedroom to watch the game when Jonathan did something expecially funny. Brandon paused mid-step and said "My dad really would have loved you."

Even though I was in the kitchen, the words seemed to scream at me. I lost it. I went into the bathroom and let out a few tears. It is small comments like this that make my heart break. Brandon knows how funny his dad was and if Mike was well, he knows that his dad and Jonathan would have gotten along very well. I often go about my everyday business like a robot, just doing, but when comments like those are thrown into the mix, I am brought right back down to our reality and how much we really miss out on everyday. Those few words hurt.

(Brandon and Jonathan on SuperBowl Sunday).

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