Thursday, January 3, 2008

Another Test

For the last few months, my brother has stayed with us on and off. He is in the process of seperating from his wife (it's been 2 years now) and he lives by himself. He stayed with us when he had his shoulder surgery, so someone would be around if he needed anything. Last month, 2 weeks before Christmas, he was suspended from his job. Long story - he's worked there for 23 years and was injured on the job. He's had 2 surgeries and been out alot on worker's comp. Last month his employer decided he was taking too much "sick time" and suspended him without pay for 30 days. He had to hire an attorney and is now in the process of fighting to keep his job. Since he spends so much time at our house, he approached me about him moving in with us. The only space I have is my old bedroom, so if this did happen - we would have to share space in the bedroom because I still need a place for mine and Mike's "stuff".

My brother's seperating destroyed him financially and he has nothing to fall back on. I cannot, in good conscience, not help him. Whenever I see homeless people I would think, "don't they have ANY family". While this would be difficult for the kids and I, I can't see another answer - if in fact it comes to that. I tend to ignore alot of my brother's complaints but it's hard for Courtney and Brandon. They know how difficult our lives have been and they have a problem tolerating other people complaining when sometimes they don't see a reason for it.

Once again I am praying for strength. I know what I will do if the time comes, because after all, family is family. It will just be another test I hope we all pass.

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