Saturday, November 5, 2011

Josh Groban

Way back in March, for Mother's Day, Courtney and Brandon bought me two tickets to see Josh Groban. The concert was FINALLY last night. In a perfect world, I would have gone out for the night with Mike. A nice romantic evening - dinner and listening to the melodious voice of one VERY talented young man. As we know, the world is not perfect, but I had a great time with my very dear friend. This is one of those friends that you just now you're supposed to be friends with.
I met Connie way back when in 1983 when we worked in the same law firm. I wasn't too friendly with her while at that firm because shortly after I started, she left. Four years later a friend of mine was leaving her job to go on maternity leave and she asked if I was interested in taking over. It would mean that I would go from a very big law firm to an office with only the attorney and myself (while sharing space with two other attorneys). I went for an interview and to my surprise Connie had been working for the other attorney in that office. Weird huh, that she left the same law firm 4 years earlier and here we were, working in the same office again. We began to get friendlier here, but we still never had the "have to talk every day" kind of friendship. Connie got pregnant, then I got pregnant. She had her daughter in March, I had Courtney in September. She eventually left that job, but we kept in touch when she would take over for me when I went on vacation (she had been a stay at home mom at the time). She has had numerous jobs over the years, while I remained with the same attorney I had originally went to after I left that large firm. Twenty eight years later, we still remain friends.

I have found throughout my life that a true friend is not someone you need to have around 24/7, that's a High School thing. I've had friends over the years who I thought would remain with me through thick and thin, then after Mike was diagnosed, they disappeared. Connie did not. She was also one never to keep promises she couldn't keep. Whereas some "friends" would promise to come by for a visit, go take me for etc., Connie never made those promises, but she was always there for me whether it be just to listen or to cry with me when I needed that. We would go see our favorite psychic, John Edward hoping to hear messages from our family members who passed. We both believe that things happen for a reason and that there is definitely a higher power at work. The simple fact that Connie and I have remained true friends for all these years solidifies our belief that our friendship was just meant to be.

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