Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Help Get Courtney on Ellen!!!!!

For anyone of my readers who does not know, we (The Henley's) are HUGE Ellen fans. Courtney started this "campaign" on Facebook two years ago, but it never fully got off the ground.
She is DESPERATE to meet Ellen and hopes she can help her fulfill a bunch of her "Bucket List" wishes... getting slimed, hosting Ellen's red carpet Oscar Special, zorbing to name a few. She noticed that many of Ellen's "non-celebrity" guests are people who made a unique attempt at campaigning to meet her, mostly through Facebook.
I am here today to see whether you can help me help her (she's going to kill me for doing this). As anyone knows, my kids have gone through hell and back as they have grown up caring for Mike. They have lost SO MUCH of their childhood, but they wouldn't change it for a second. They advocate with me, they help educate others and Courtney's life goal of becoming a film major was all inspired by her dad - with the end result being her making a movie about Mike's life and the true reality that is YOAD. She loves film/movies anyway and hopes to study in California one day.
I want to ask all my blog friends if they can take a moment and reach out to Ellen via her website
( - heck you can even ask some of YOUR friends and family to help the cause :)! I'm hoping if they get a few e-mails from across the USA and maybe even overseas (I know there are a few readers from the UK) , it may get the attention of a kind producer who can help Courtney fulfill her wish.
I know everyone has busy lives, especially now around the holidays. I TRULY appreciate your help and I hope one day Courtney will FINALLY get to meet Ellen!!!


Anonymous said...

I've sent a note to Ellen. Best wishes!
Alison B.

Check out YAC_P_YOAD on Twitter. Or on Facebook: Young Adult Children with Parents with Young Onset Alzheimer's / Dementia.

Karen said...

Thank you SO much Allison. I hope you're the first of many!!,

Anonymous said...

This is the wrong email address. my email keeps getting returned!

Karen said...
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Karen said...

I'm sorry if your email keeps getting returned. We always had luck at that web site under contact ellen. Thank you for trying though!

Anonymous said...

finally got through..........some type of technical error!