Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Broken Record

That's what I feel like sometimes...a broken record.
Our regular aide was out for a week last week and about 2/3 of the time I had to run home twice during the day. I would get to work, leave to help get mike in bed, change his dressings, go back to work, and then an hour later head back home to help the substitute get Mike out of bed and once again change his dressings. The aide was out for 7 days and for four of those days, this was my routine. I was exhausted.
This past Saturday, Courtney was going into NYC. I drove her to the train station and I got home at 10 a.m. only to find out that the aide had not shown up yet. I called her number and only got voice mail (which was full) so I called the agency directly. As soon as the girl heard my name she said "OH MY GOD, MRS. HENLEY I AM SO SORRY, I FORGOT ELAINE CALLED OUT SICK YESTERDAY FOR TODAY AND I FORGOT TO CALL SOMEONE TO COVER". Needless to say I was not happy, for a variety of reasons. I proceeded to rush to get Mike washed, his sores cleaned and dressed and get him up in the chair. Thankfully my brother was available to help me transfer him. Had I known the aide wasn't going to come in, I would have planned differently.
In order to take the blame off themselves, the agency decided that they were going to pull our regular aide from Saturdays since she was very inconsistent on when she would be in. They explained that it's difficult to find someone on such short notice and since she was frequently taking off on Saturdays, they would pull her completely.
Now I will be dealing with the wrath once she finds out she off Saturdays. Even though she takes off when she wants, she's ALWAYS complaining about not having money. Today Courtney heard her yelling on the phone to someone (as she was changing Mike) that she hates her job and needs to find someplace else to work. Now if Mike knows what's going on, like she tells us all the time, what did he feel like as she screamed that in his face?
I am in a Catch-22 situation. On one hand I have an aide who can handle Mike on her own and use a hoyer by herself, but on the other hand, she is rude, stubborn and unreliable.
Since I had been transferring Mike so much lately, my shoulder, elbow and wrist are just killing me. Today I put a wrist brace on for support, but I'm still in pain. Home health aides need to be trained better because right now I'm not so sure how much help I am getting from them.

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