Wednesday, October 5, 2011

When All Else Fails...Laugh

I just have to laugh.
Since our friends held the fundraiser for us this is what has happened:
- I had to repay the bulk of what I owed to Mike's Home Health Agency
- The pipe under our kitchen sink broke and had to be replaced
- The kid's car needed a muffler system/etc
- Our dishwasher broke
- My car had a flat tire and required 2 new tires
- Brandon was injured and has needed continous dental work
- Our refrigerator broke (on Monday)
- A pipe burst in our basement (last night causing the basement to flood and will require us
to completely empty out all it's contents and drain water)
God always makes sure we have JUST ENOUGH to take care of what we need, but he doesn't want me to be comfortable enough to have a cushion.
I don't want to say things can't get worse because I KNOW they can, but seriosuly can I get a small break???

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