Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Glasses and St. Anthony

This past Saturday as I was getting Mike ready for bed, I placed his eye glasses on a shelf in the bedroom. As I was placing them, they fell. I heard a clunk, clunk, clunk, then nothing. I bent down thinking I would find them under the chair. I searched for about 10 minutes and couldn't find them - they seemed to have disappeared. Since it was late I figured I would search in the morning during daylight.

Sunday morning came and I tore the area of the room apart...nothing. Brandon went in with the flashlight...nothing. Courtney looked...nothing. We had Mike's Sunday aide in there, she took even more apart then I did, still we found nothing.

Mike absolutely cannot see without his glasses. He was almost legally blind when he was well. We have taken such special care in making sure nothing happens to his glasses (the one time his frame broke, we had to actually send them to a special repair place in Washington DC, where they soldered the nose piece). Since we couldn't find them, Courtney decided to offer him her glasses. Her eyesight isn't as bad as Mike's, but her prescription is still stronger than mine and Brandon's. Well, Mike looked amazing. His aide called him "sexy" and Courtney said it looked like he just came off a train in NYC.

Monday came and went and we searched and search and still nothing. By last night, I asked EVERYONE to pray to St. Anthony (patron saint of lost items) that Mike's glasses would turn up. We looked again this morning. Then, as Mike's aide was getting Mike washed, she took the wedge pillow we have to keep him propped up and out of the pillowcase dropped Mike's eyeglasses!!!

I keep that pillow propped up in front of our light before I go into bed, so a light is on, but it's not too bright for Mike (the light goes off once I'm in bed with him). The lamp is right against the shelf that I had placed the eyeglasses on. They must have fallen off the shelf and right into the pocket of the pillowcase.

Mike now has his own glasses, and while they may not be as stylish, I trust he can see much better!

Thank you St. Anthony!

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karen said...

Oh man I bet you where going crazy. Glad you found his but he did look nice in the others.