Monday, October 4, 2010

Poor Mikey

For the past week or so, we have been dealing with a pressure sore on Mike's right thigh. We were very vigilant as soon as we saw it, and at one point it got worse, before it got better. Of course, while trying to keep him off his right side, we had to rely more on his left side and back. It was only a matter of time before either one of those areas broke down. It is his back. He developed a sore at the very bottom of his back and we have aggressively started to "attack" it. It's a more difficult area simply by it's location, as it is prone to infection just from being soiled throughout the day. We are doing our best and pray our efforts are successful.
In the mean time, it appears that Mike developed the infection on his toe again, most likely the same infection that took us a good 6 months to completely get rid of the last time. The left big toe is red, swollen and open. The podiatrist will be coming by tomorrow to check it out and hopefully prescribe the same antibiotic ointment and possible antibiotic he took last time. Whenever an antibiotic is thrown into the picture I have to carefully weigh the pros and cons. Most antibiotics are very strong and hard on the system, so if Mike can become uncomfortable from stomach irritation or diarrhea, then it may not be worth administering it. I don't want a possible infection to spread - but if he can dehydrate by treating it, then what do I do?
We had a busy weekend. Courtney came home as usual, to work, but I barely saw her. On Saturday morning we met with the head of the Long Island Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association. She would very much like to start a "support group" of sorts for the children of people with Young Onset Alzheimer's and she asked Courtney and Brandon to be co-facilitators. (Brandon was supposed to go to this meeting also, but he had to put in service hours for the National Honor Society by helping out at his High School's Open House). Courtney is a bit concerned that teenagers won't want to attend, so we'll have to see where that goes. After we left that meeting we did our Taregt shopping and then Courtney went to work (Brandon came home then went to his friend's house). On Sunday my brother treated us all to breakfast, which was a treat for me since I didn't have to make our usual Sunday breakfast. Afterwards I went food shopping, while Courtney went to work. I came home and took advantage of the windy day and did Mike's and my sheets. There's nothing better than getting into bed at night with sheets fresh from the clothesline!! Courtney came home from work and I drove her back to school. I got in at 8, got Mike into bed and then finally......relaxed. Oh, I almost forgot, Brandon injured his arm and cannot straighten it. It seems like a pulled muscle, but we all know what great patients men make :)!

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karen said...

I hate pressure sores. We have all moms healed up for now.It sure took a long time. I am praying that Mikes heal up soon. Mom just had eye surgery . She got a very bad infection in one of her eyes. Boy you are right about the meds. I had to not give her any dairy products with them and she lives on nutrition drinks so it was hard trying to get her to eat enough and drink to make up for not giving her nutrition drinks. Good luck and God bless.