Friday, September 24, 2010

Fever - No Fever

Last Saturday as I was getting Mike into bed and he felt a "little" warm, but nothing to be crazed about. Much to my surprise, he had a 103.3 fever. I also noticed that he had a pressure sore on his thigh, which was open a little - I did not like the way it looked. The hospice social worker came on Monday and my mom mentioned what happened on Saturday. She in turn called Mike's nurse and so she came Monday instead of Tuesday. When I questioned why he keeps getting these fevers, she just said, "sometimes it's just a part of the process and is not caused by an infection". WOW I wasn't expecting to hear that, but at the same time, reality kicked in. I've been logging Mike's bouts with fever and at first he would get them maybe once every few months, then it was once a month, now it seems like once a week.
Last night, he developed a fever again - 103.5. I had to give him two rounds of Tylenol before the fever broke and he got comfortable. The only difference between last night and Saturday was that last night, he appeared to have some chest congestion. He coughed up some "glop" and he fell back to sleep. Today he woke up with some "gurgle", he didn't have a fever and he was able to cough up some stuff. I just called home and his aide said he seems to be doing OK.
One day at a time.....

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