Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Yesterday the kids and I went to our Telecare studio and filmed another portion for the Family Comes First series we were asked to take part in. The producer etc came to our house a few months ago to film, but yesterday we went to them. It was pretty much the same questions as we're always asked, and I will continue speaking about this horrific disease for as long as anyone will listen. I look forward to seeing the final show which they tell me should air around October/November. As always, I left there drained, for even though I've spoken about our lives before, it's always emotional bringing up the past.
Tonight my niece will be coming to NY to stay with us for an extended weekend. Courtney and Kristin will be going to a concert in the city tomorrow(which is a birthday present for my niece). This will be my niece's first foray to NY on her own, and for that I am proud of her. Hopefully it will give her the confidence she needs so she will realize she CAN do this on her own. I know Mike will enjoy her visit, as she is the one niece he remembers the most from our years of babysitting.
Mike is doing OK, thankfully nothing has changed.
Brandon is finishing up his junior year..YIKES....he'll be a senior in September.
Hopefully, this summer I will be able to take a day here and there to spend with the kids before they don't want to be seen with thier mom anymore.

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