Saturday, August 27, 2011

Brandon at College

This past week we took Brandon up to Connecticut to Quinnipiac University as he begins his
long road ahead to becomming a physical therapist.
The school managed the move-in with perfection and I was thrilled when I didn't need to do anything. We were welcomed to Brandon's dorm building by about 20-25 upperclassman who completely unloaded our van and carried all our boxes and supplies into Brandon's room. I savored every moment because I know this ritual is only for Freshman.
The weather was beautiful. Brandon's friend from high school has a room in the building right next to his. We all had lunch together and then Courtney and I left for our trip home. We decided to take the ferry from Bridgeport to Port Jefferson and it was absolutely beautiful.
I pray Brandon will be OK and not homesick...I'm sure he will be just fine.

The picture is of Brandon in front of the University's mascot... the Bobcat.

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