Monday, August 8, 2011

Bed Sores....I HATE them!

This weekend, Mike had a sore on his buttocks that did not look good to me. So all weekend, I was trying to keep him off of it, to relieve the pressure. I was very careful (or so I thought) to shift him frequently so as not to compromise the sores on his thighs. Well, when he woke up today the sores on each side, as well as the one that was almost all healed on his shoulder were bleeding and looked worse. His aide, who had been out the weekend, started yelling at ME for not caring about Mike. How could I do this to him....Is this what happens when she's not there? Why does he even bother?! So, in addition to feeling bad enough on my own, I have someone making me feel even worse.
Common sense tells me that no matter what ANYONE does, Mike's health is very fragile. We give him THE best care humanly possible, yet the sores can still get worse. I know all this, but I can't help but feel guilty that because I tried to keep him off his bottom, the other sores got worse as a result.


Kathy Knowles said...

Mike is getting wonderful care from his family, and you do the best job a person can do. How dare someone say that to you? Bedsores are almost impossible to prevent when he's in the condition he's in. Don't beat yourself up about this.

Carl in NC said...

You are doing a fantastic job! I know that it gets hard trying to keep these sores aways as their skin seems to be more and more fragile as the disease progresses. Keep up the good work and hang in there :-)...

Take care and God bless,