Monday, April 4, 2011

10 Years of Alzheimer's

It's been a while, but nothing much has changed. Mike still had 4 pressure sores (one on each side, one on his shoulder and one on his bottom). They get better, then worse, depending on the day. It's difficult to keep him off of them because no matter how we position him, he's lying on one of them. He's still getting fever now and then - yesterday he had a 103.5. He had been coughing again before it shot up, yet the hospice nurse doesn't think the fever is from an infection. I'm concerned about the sore on his shoulder because it looks like it's scabbed over, but it's all red and inflamed around it. When I researched bed sores on line, they said that dead skin (which often looks like a scab) should be removed, otherwise an infection could form underneath (the pus will have no place to go). I will have his nurse check it out tomorrow. Brandon is still contemplating where he will be going to college in September and Courtney is still steadfast in her thought that she will be commuting in September so she can stay home and help me with Mike. I don't believe this will be a good choice for her because her commute takes two hours each way AND next year she will begin her "hands on" film classes which will require alot of time shooting and editing. What she doesn' realize is that if she has to stay late to work on projects, she won't be home to help me anyway! I'm hoping she will come to her senses before September! The Alzheimer's Association arranged for a wonderful attorney to help us with the issue regarding social services and Mike's overage. Of course, it wouldn't be easy. I now have to file for "limited guardianship" so I can form the Trust for Mike. The hearing is set for Surpreme Court on April 14th. This week will mark the 10th YEAR of Mike's diagnosis. It's been a long and difficult road.

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