Friday, November 12, 2010

AFA Telethon taping

Last week we were invited to the taping of The Alzheimer's Foundation of America telethon which will be aired DECEMBER 4, 2010 on NBC.

The kids and I were thrilled at the opportunity to be witness to such a ground breaking event which took place Wed. Nov. 10th. This is the FIRST TIME in the 25 years that I have been dealing with the disease that such an event has taken place on National Television. We were honored to be asked - and as an added bonus, star struck with the celebrities that were present. Beside those at the actual event, there were very famous and powerful people who pre-taped messages to be played during the show about how and where to donate. Needless to say Courtney and I almost fell off the floor when our idol ELLEN DEGENERES, did her part. She has so many followers and she has the ability to reach so many people. I was beyond happy that she had agreed to take part in the telethon for this very important cause.
As you will see WHEN you watch the telethon, the Foundation focuses on the CARE for individuals and their caregivers. While research is imperative, organizations such as the Alzheimer's Association raises money for that. As Hector Elizondo so eloquently said, "while there's currently no CURE for this disease, we have to do all we can to help CARE for those with the disease". That was the main objective for this event. They touch on: young onset, day programs, the explanation of the disease, their "Quilt to Remember", and even how to get young children to understand the disease.

I was so honored that they chose Mike's mom's picture and Mike's picture as part of a tribute to those affected by the disease.

The taping was a great experience and as much as I would love for this to be an annual event, I pray that it will not be necessary.

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