Monday, September 10, 2007

Memory Walk Events

This coming Saturday, we will be walking for the 3rd time in the Alzheimer Association's Memory Walk. My goal was to raise $1,000.00 (we raised $650.00 last year). To date, we have $1,300.00. I am THRILLED.

Courtney recruited her friends to walk with us this year. They came by on Saturday and tie-dyed shirts so we will all have our official team shirt. We decided on the tie-dye theme a few years ago because we thought it was appropriate for Mike. He's young and he should be represented as such. Before we tie-dyed, Courtney and her friend set up a "Refreshment Stand" on our corner to raise more money. I was hoping to raise $100.00. Much to our surprise, people were very generous and we raised $258.00. After all that hard work, I BBQ'd for Courtney and her friends. For dessert, we had cookies, brownies and a surprise birthday cake for Courtney's 16th birthday. It was 9/5 and I felt so bad that I couldn't give her a party that she deserved. She always wanted a cake with her picture on it, and that's what she got. She was excited and surprised and I was happy that her friends were there to enjoy the moment with her.

Pray for good weather on Saturday. Instead of the 7 people that walked last year, this year we will have close to 20. We wanted to make a statement and we hope we succeed.

I hope to walk every year until a cure is found. Thank you to all of those that helped us exceed our goal. Your love and support is what keeps us strong.

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