Friday, June 8, 2012

Surprise Visit

Last night the kids and I were watching TV when the doorbell rang at about 9pm. We don't get many unannounced visitors, and if we do, it's usually our friend Tom. Last night we got a visit from my friend Betsy's husband - also named Tom.
If you remember, she passed away last July from ALS. Courtney and I had just visited her at the the hospice facility and a few hours after we left, we got the call that she was gone. She left behind a husband and two sons.
Her husband and son came to Mike's wake, very sympathetic as to what we were going through.
Last night he came to the house and we all had a nice visit. He had the kids laughing - which is always a plus. We caught up as to what was happening on their end, which seemed like all good things. Betsy would be happy. He also shared news that he met a "woman friend" and was happy to get out and talk with someone who didn't need "zit cream". Betsy passed away on July 4th. The woman he met has a birthday on July 4th and the relationship she was in had ended on July 4th - around the same time of day that Betsy had passed. I told Tom that I truly believe in a higher power and that him meeting this woman, who had so many connections to July 4th, was Betsy's way of giving her approval.
It was nice to see him and catch up and see that it is possible to be happy after the loss of a spouse.

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