Monday, January 23, 2012

Peace of Mind

We all know that money does NOT buy happiness, but it DOES give you PEACE OF MIND so that you can:
- Have health insurance
- pay for car repairs
- go to the dentist
- provide heat, electrical and water to your home (and hope for no major problems)
- keep the refrigerator stocked
- buy medicine
- make sure your children have winter jackets

Alzheimer's Disease stripped my family of a second income. I am not a single mom by choice, I don't get alimony or death benefits. I struggle each and every day just to take care of the basics. Unless you are independantly wealthy, caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's can bring you near Bankruptcy. I've never had so little in the 11 years since Mike was diagnosed and I am scared. I've instilled in my children to always "do the right thing", yet it can become a heavy load to bear when you see so many people not doing what's right, getting praise. I'm not talking friends and acquaintences.
Cast of Jersey Shore - all they do is get drunk, have sex with whomever they want, and complain about work, yet they make thousands and thousands of dollars in the process.
The Kardashians - one of them was on LIVE today complaining (seriously complaining)about being disappointed that she missed out on her fairy tale life. Serisouly, what exactly do those Kardashian's do that they deserve all the money they make??
I don't want to be bitter, really I don't and I've gotten this far without jumping on that soapbox, but when I see my kids miss out on the basics and they have sacrificed SO MUCH and do SO MUCH more than those people ever will, I can't help but feel bitter.
I feel defeated, I feel let down my our system (we had a bad experience with Social Services and Medicaid last week. We're still waiting for problems from that) and I am exhausted.
I know I have some great readers and all I ask is that you say some prayers for us. I can't remember ever being this bad off and I DO BELIEVE in the pwoer of prayer.
God bless you all for your love and support.


Anonymous said...

Praying that you will feel God's comfort and peace and know that His loving arms are around you!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Mike get dissability...SSI?

Karen said...

Yes, Mike gets SS, but that goes straight to Medicaid for his aide. My salary, which was cut by $10,000 4 years ago goes to all else.

Kathy Knowles said...

Karen, I totally understand your frustration and possibly your anger toward the money some folks get for doing ridiculous things or nothing at all. I am so sorry about your financial issues. I agree with you that it does't bring happiness, but it provides you with some amount of peace to know that basic needs are covered.

I've been so frustrated about the system in Texas (and throughout our nation), and it's ridiculous how bad things have to get in order to get some assistance. Billy has not worked in three years, and he receives a small retirement annuity from our state's teacher retirement system. It doesn't cover daycare expense. Very sad.