Friday, August 17, 2007

Summer Update

I am relieved to say that all remains "status quo" with Mike. I recently took a week to do some day trips with the kids. We went to Splish Splash (a water park), into NYC, to the beach, to the movies and lunch and got their uniforms and books and supplies for school. All pretty everyday things, but we all enjoyed this much needed time away. Each time we went somewhere, I would have an overwhleming sense of sadness. Mike should have been there with us. He LOVED the water and the city. It just isn't fair that he could not be a part of our lives doing the things I know he loves. I very rarely say that things are "unfair" because who am I to think I'm above everyone else? Who would this disease be fair to? Exactly. But recently, I have been having a difficult time emotionally. I guess as the kids are getting older, and I see the young adults they have become, my heart aches that Mike does not fully understand. His children were his life and he would have done anything for them. They were his VERY FIRST concern when he was diagnosed. Now here they are in High School, maturing into beautiful, caring human beings, and he cannot appreciate all that they are. I pray that he knows, somehow, how proud he would be of them. They have not let him down, and for that I couldn't be prouder.

We are gearing up for our annual walk in the Alzheimer Association's Memory Walk which will be in Sept. Courtney has recruited a bunch of her friends to walk with us so we can make a bigger statement. We hope to match our goal of $1,000.00.


Carl in NC said...

I am glad that you and the kids were able to get away for a bit of family fun and togetherness. I know how that longing feels about the spouse not being able to be involved and I know it is difficult. I know that Mike will know how well the children have matured and you can take comfort in knowing that the combination of the two of you have enabled them to become who they are. He will always be that integral part of them and how they have matured. Although my wife Shannon is not as far along, I can see it coming and I know how similar my thoughts are about her. Thanks for sharing! Keep the faith!

Take care and God bless,

Carl in NC

Karen H said...

Carl -

Thank you so much for your thoughts. It's nice to go on my Blog and see comments, especially from people like you who can truly understand the things I write about. I hope things are going well for you and your family, and remember - with Faith, anything is possible. It was nice to hear from you.